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Last Updated: 04Jun24

I am currently on vacation and cannot send out Sounds Plus/Vocalizer Sound Boards. If you purchase one now, you will be next on the list to get one and shipping will start again on June 14.

This is my new plug-and-play design of the old Bally pinball Sounds Plus/Vocalizer (S+V) sound board pair used in Xenon and early Flash Gordon pinball machines. My design uses current technology to replicate the function of the old sound board pair with a single board. My reproduction board is a direct replacement for the Sounds Plus Vocalizer (AS-2518-56/AS-2518-57) board pair. It will fit into the machine without modification. The circuit design is identical to my replacement Squawk & Talk sound board (for later machines). Only the shape is different.

The board has the following stock features:
1. It utilizes the same machine mounting. Although only using the Sounds Plus (right) side, it uses the same connector locations.
2. It is a direct replacement, utilizing the same power provided to the stock board.
3. It contains volume knobs to adjust the sounds and voices separately.

My design has extra features:
1. Extra volume knob (over the S+V) to adjust the background sound independently of the sounds and voices.
2. There is a switch to allow the merge of sounds so they don't turn of when others start.
3. The board only uses the +12v full bridge rectified power lines. It does not use the 5V power line.
4. All the sounds, voices, and backgrounds are customizable as they are WAV files on an MicroSD card.*
5. There are 8 sets of customizable sounds available.
6. There is a customizable Attract Mode sound.
7. Three relays can control external lighting mods (Ball in Play, Bonus Mode 1, Bonus Mode 2)

Included Sounds: You have the option to select one of eight different sound sets which are contained on the MicroSD card (WAV files). I will supply you with many sound sets on the MicroSD card and custom ones explained below. Sound bank 0 contains a stock set of sounds which I recommend leaving unmodified so that you can always go back to stock sounds. Sound bank 1 contains an identical set of sounds as sound bank 0. This one is intended for you to try your hand at modifying sounds. You can try a couple and not have to re-create the entire set. Sound bank 2 is another set of stock sounds but with different equalization which may sound better on your machine.

Flash Gordon Custom Sounds: I will also supply sound bank 3 which has a custom sound set for Flash Gordon. See the video below where I demonstrate the custom sound set on a Flash Gordon machine. Also, see CaptN-Retro Youtube video showing the Flash Gordon custom sounds with the S&T board version. I also will supply sound bank 4 which has the original French version.

Flash Gordon is also delivering with the custom sounds created by Dave at the YouTube channel Dave's Think Tank at sound bank 5. He demonstrates the sound bank at the end of the following video. If you have an earlier Flash Gordon board and do not have this sound bank, download it at my Support->More Sound Banks menu item.

Xenon Custom Sounds: Xenon sound bank 5 has a custom set of sounds by the original sound artist for the pop bumpers. A total of 30 sounds are attached to them. Sound bank 6 has both the custom pop bumper sounds and a custom looping background sound replacing the alternating tone background. See the video below where I demonstrate both custom sounds sets on a Xenon machine.

Here is a close up of my Replacement Sounds Plus/Vocalizer sound board. Click on the image to see it in higher detail.
Replacement Sounds Plus/Vocalizer Sound Board

Order Details: You will receive the replacement Sounds Plus/Vocalizer sound board configured for your game along with a printed manual. Contact me if you have questions about purchase:

Cost is $240 plus $10 shipping to US addresses. Direct Pay-Pal purchase buttons below are for US buyers only. Outside US, email me at to send an invoice with shipping charges. $20 Canada, $25 UK, and $35 to Australia. Contact me for other countries as there are some additional costs you need to be aware of. I am not shipping into South America.

I am currently on vacation and cannot send out Sounds Plus/Vocalizer Sound Boards. If you purchase one now, you will be next on the list to get one and shipping will start again on June 14.

Replacement plug-and-play Sounds Plus/Vocalizer sound board with all sounds configured for...


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