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Stock and Custom Sound Control: This board has varying levels of customization than can be turned on while playing the stock sounds. From just an attract sound every 3 minutes between games, to added background songs, to custom sounds and quotes taking over the some stock scoring sounds, tunes and solenoid fires. Game play can be an overall different experience.

STOCK SCORE SOUNDS: These are the sounds (chimes or short noises) that play when scoring in the stock setup. Their volume is controlled by the STOCK volume knob.

STOCK TUNES: These are the tunes (longer series of notes or noises) that play at the coin up, start of the game, tilt, KISS bonuses, and the end of the game. Their volume is controlled by the STOCK volume knob. If the EXTRA volume knob is turned up, these stock tunes will not play - they are replaced with extra custom sounds.

CUSTOM EXTRA SOUNDS: These are the custom sound effects and voices that play in place of the stock tunes and during solenoid activity. Their volume is controlled by the EXTRA volume knob. Turning this knob all the way down will cause these custom extra sounds to stop and cause the stock tunes to return.

CUSTOM BACKGROUND: These are long sound (song) files that are put into repeating play mode during game play (when a ball is in play). Their volume is controlled by the BACKGROUND volume knob. Turning this knob all the way down will cause the background to stop. DIP switch 1 controls whether there is one background for the whole game or different ones for each of the balls. Up to ten backgrounds can be defined, one for each ball.

CUSTOM ATTRACT SOUNDS: These are the sound files (sound effects or quotes) that play every 3 minutes between games when no balls are in play. The volume of the attract sound is controlled by the EXTRA volume knob, unless it is off. If the EXTRA volume knob is off, the attract sound volume is set by the STOCK knob. DIP switch 2 controls if the attract sounds will play. DIP switch 3 controls if one attract sound file will be played or one selected randomly from 15 files.

All the background songs and sounds are recorded in stereo. There is a low level headphone jack on the board which can be used to feed a stereo amplifier. All the sounds are customizable. I will include the optional song select button and cable assembly. shown at the bottom of this page. A large printed manual will be included with the board with explains in detail the custom sounds and which ones to change to obtain the level of customization you want.

Song Select Button, 8-foot Cable, and Decal. Button color is currently black, but might change in the future. The button requires a 9/32-inch or 7mm hole. It would be hard to put in cabinet wood. I recommend drilling a hole in the coin door and using the included Next Song decal. This location is easy to drill and wire. This button is not required for board operation.

Not Compatible with other Machines: This board will only work with the Bally KISS machine. It will not work with any other machine. It has been designed to detect the sound chimes, notes, and tunes which are unique to the KISS machine. If this board is placed in any other machine, few if any sounds will play. I will not offer the the source code for others to modifiy. I cannot support this board if the source code is modified by others. I intend to offer versions of this board in other Bally machines that use the -32 and -50 sound boards. Watch my website to get the latest information.

Reviews and comments for my custom Bally KISS plug-and-play sound board:

Stephen: "I recently purchased your sound board. I just wanted to say how much I love it. Adds so much to the experience."

Jon: "I just wanted to tell you that what you have done to the sound board alone is amazing!!! The upgrade truly makes the game 500% more enjoyable. You did an amazing job and I just wanted to say thank you. Keep up the GREAT work!!!"

Christopher: "I have recently bought a couple of your Kiss sound boards for some custom builds I am doing. I really like the way they give these dated games a new life."

Philip: "I received my sound board and installed and it's awesome!

Pete: "...i have the kiss and trek and im so happy with them!!!"

Clinton: "Got the KISS sound board, installed it and love it. Thanks so much. It's pretty awesome and was easy to install."

Pete (Facebook): "Huge shoutout to Jeff @ geeteoh electronics. I have owned this machine for over 25 years, I just installed the Geeteoh sound board, it feels like a whole new machine."

Rob (Facebook): Responding to a new KISS machine owner "... a fun upgrade is the soundboard. Well worth it and you can even have the original sounds play as well."

Russel (Facebook): "1000% happy with the new soundboard from It rocks. Now to replace the sucky speaker. Thanks again geeteoh!"

kklank (Pinside): "I also got the sound board yesterday. This mod is simply...kick ass. Worth every penny. Thanks geeteoh! This is a high quality product. Even the manual you provide is just fantastic. (Full disclosure: I have no relationship with geeteoh. Although I hope we meet someday to say thank you directly). Great work man."

Lara: Omg! My husband loves it! Thank you so very much!!!!

Frode: "Hello. Then I got the sound card. It was amazing. Thank you for letting me buy it from you."

Rob: "Just wanted to say that I received the sound board and hooked it up. It is a game changer as I always liked KISS but didn't care for the pinball sounds. Since the mod, I have been playing it everyday! Thanks for all the hard work you did to make it an amazing game!"

Youtuber CaptN-Retro: Check out this video showing off unboxing, installation, and playing of the game with my Custom Kiss Sound Board which is about half way through the video.

Mark: "Just letting you know I received the KISS sound board and it's great!. Was very easy to install and with a couple of tweaks, got the pinnie purring like a kitten. Really great addition / mod for the Bally KISS pinball machine that many owners should get; great work."

Adrian: "I tried the kiss board in my mates game as my two machines aren't up and running. Absolutely the best mod available changes the feel of the game for the better so much more fun, the smile on my mates face was huge his thinking of buying one from you."

Ric: "I got the KISS soundboard yesterday and I installed it today....WOW it gives the machine a new lease on life.. Well done mate."

Carl: "I just wanted to let you know that today I received my KISS sound board. It was so easy to install and I didn't even need to tweak any of your settings. My Bally KISS is now so much better to play. My teenage son loves it too."

Greg: "Just received by 1978 KISS Mod Soundboard. Very cool! I especially like the live talking Paul says occasionally."

Joe: "Hello I just installed the Kiss sound board and I love it."

Billy: "Got it today! OMG! Love it"

Christopher (facebook): "Easiest upgrade to install and WOW does it make the difference! THIS is how this machine is ment to be enjoyed."

Patrick (facebook): "Just installed the new Bally Kiss sound board. Super easy to install. Great instructions, doesn't cheap out on the small stuff like safe packaging or amount of wire to run aux function ect. LOVE it so much."

Stan (facebook): "Got my KISS custom soundboard from geeteoh yesterday...after a simple plug'in play replacement and a couple tweeks of the onboard custom/stock sound volume dials, I'm up and runnin' Really lovin' the new experience of playing this game again."

Fred: "I received the board today, I just wanted to say I'm blown away with your board!! It's awesome!!"

Rob: "I received the board today, I love it! It's a vast improvement over the old one.'s a great board. I absolutely love creativity, and you did an awesome job."

Pete: "Sound board arrived yesterday, very impressive very nice work, fitted and even more impressive!! Well done you have really brought the kids up to date, while not loosing any of its old tech ancestry. Brilliant fun!"
(And on facebook) "I have just fitted this board and it's fabulous, also it's extremely well made. It totaly transforms the machine making it sound ver contemporary whilst keeping the old school sounds intact. Absolutely everything on this board is adjustable you can have all the new bells and whistles or keep it all original or a mix of all things."

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