I have sold out my first batch. Send me an email (see my contact page) to get in on the next batch. Price is currently $150.

A word clock tells the time in words - spelling out the time in a full sentence. This word clock tells the time to the minute in full color. Each of the 169 letters is capable of showing one of 16.7 million colors. Special animations will run at the top of the hour, quarter, and half hour. The lights are run at half power which should allow the clock to operate with no issues forever. Buttons are available to change the colors of the time words, brightness, show more animations, and to replay the last large animation. The clock is 10-1/4 inches square and 3/4 of an inch thick. The frame is oak that has been stained flat black. The rear of the clock shows off the electronics.

Power Supply: 5VDC 2A (min), 2.1mm plug, center positive. Included with purchase.
Battery: CR2032 3V positive facing out. The battery not required to run clock but will keep the time during power outage. Included with purchase.

Top Rear Controls:

REPLAY ANIMATION: click either button in top corners to replay the last large animation. Push this button to show off your Word Clock to others.

Lower Rear Controls:

(right to left buttons)
ANIMATION MODE: click to pick the animation mode. Six modes available each. A white number on the clock face will tell you which mode you are in. Mode 1 has just the hour, quarter, and half hour animations. Modes 2-6 have animations progressively more frequent.
SET MINUTE: click to advance time one minute
SET HOUR: click to advance time one hour (12 hour clock, there is no difference AM to PM)
COLOR MODE: click to pick the color mode. Mode is shown by a white number after clicking (mode 0 is not shown). Animations will show in multicolor.
   0: Each word is a different color. They change each minute.
   1: All words are the same color. They all change each minute. (my favorite)
   2-9: Fixed colors that do not change each minute - red, yellow, light blue, green, purple, orange, pink, and white.
BRIGHTNESS: click to set the brightness. 5 settings are available. A white number shows the brightness when clicking. 1 is the brightest. 5 is the least.

Animation Modes: Large animations are multicolor and last about 20 seconds. Small animations fly in the current time letters. Special quarter and half hour animations are shown for each of the modes.
1: Large animation at the top of the hour.
2: Small animations every 10 minutes.
3: Large animations every 10 minutes.
4: Small animations every minute.
5: Small animations every minute and large animations every 10 minutes. (my favorite)
6: Large animations every minute.

Care: The clock face is applied to the rear of the acrylic plastic. Clean the front with a little dish soap and water on a soft towel. Do not use ammonia window cleaners.

Here is an example a Large Animation: (wait for it to load)

Here is an example of the Small Animation: (wait for it to load)

YouTube Video of Production Clock:
Wordclock Production #5 - ready for sale
Wordclock Production #6 - six pack demo
Wordclock Production #7 - battery backup
Wordclock Production #8 - small version

YouTube Videos of older Prototypes:
Wordclock Prototype #1 - functional code
Wordclock Prototype #2 - add display modes
Wordclock Prototype #3 - add animations
Wordclock Prototype #4 - white face option
In videos 1-3, I used my first experimental clock face which allowed the lights to bleed between letters. In the time since, I have experimented with many alternatives. My final version has very little bleed, does not distort the colors, is the brightest, and most durable.

Why did I create this Word Clock? I always wanted one, but was disapointed with the features and price of the word clocks avaiable from other individuals. My goal was to make an awesone clock that would last forever that I could afford. I also wanted to be able to offer it at a low price to others. Right now, my price is low. I plan to raise the price if I cannot keep up with demand and have to outsource parts. My clock is different from most. It tells the time to the minute while most others tell time to the nearest 5 mintues. My clock is in full color, while others use only one color. Others have tech items that will not stand the test of time. Tech items like wifi/blue-tooth connection and radio receiver for atomic clock setting. This is an accurate clock you set once. Then adjust the hour twice a year for daylights savings time (if your area uses it).