Squawk & Talk / Sounds Plus Vocalizer Replacement Sound Board Software Versions

The following is a list of software versions for the Replacement Squawk & Talk and Sounds Plus / Vocalizer boards. Version 4 is the first version released with my first board sale. Version 7 forward allowed the board to be used in different games without reprogramming.

ver 1: cardboard prototype test with WAV Trigger
ver 2: add sound and voice holds
ver 3: add switch for dfPlayer option
ver 4: convert to work with SQUAWK TALK v0 PCB
ver 5: add Elektra, remove dfPlayer switch, v1 PCB
ver 6: add sound modes 5-10, fix sound que logic, add sound banks, add Flash Gordon
ver 7: add support for v3 PCB with game selection
ver 8: improvements to Numbers and test button vol adjust
ver 9: Fix relay2 & 3 control and remove snd 250 control for FG
ver10: add 8 Ball Deluxe
ver11: add Embryon
ver11.1: fix Embryon background. change end game on EDB to 250. 222 is also sound for saucer. Fix little issue with Vector tones
ver11.2: fix issue with Elektra ball drain sound and add another method to turn off background at end
ver12: add Xenon, fix overflows for when sounds come in really fast
ver13: add Xenon custom background option as sound bank 6
ver13.1 add experimental Centaur. Don't restart background if same is called.
ver13.2 add experimental Fathom.
ver13.3 add Xenon alternating male/female voice to slingshots as in stock.
ver13.4 move Elektra custom background to sound file 2, add sound type 15 to cut background, re-align sound read command timing
ver14: add more custom options to Xenon sound banks 5 & 6