Squawk and Talk Replacement Sound Board

Last Updated: 19Oct21

This is my new design of the old Bally pinball Squawk & Talk sound board (AS-2518-61). My design uses current technology to replicate the function of the old sound board. I currently have versions for the Mr & Mrs Pac-Man, Elektra, Flash Gordon, Eight Ball Deluxe, Vector, Embryon, and Xenon pinball machines. The design is also a direct replacement for the Sounds Plus/Vocalizer (AS-2518-56/AS-2518-58) board pair in Xenon and early Flash Gordon machines, and I have a version of this design which will fit these machines without modification. See a short version of the PDF manual online. See a topic I started on pinside.com to provide update status and collect feedback.

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The board has the following stock features:
1. It utilizes the same machine mounting. Although half the size, it uses the same connector locations.
2. It is a direct replacement, utilizing the same power provided to the stock S&T board.
3. It contains volume knobs to adjust the sounds and voices separately.

My design has extra features:
1. Extra volume knob (over the S&T) to adjust the background sound independently of the sounds and voices.
2. The background is always playing. It is not turned off when sounds or voices play.
3. There is a switch to allow the merge the sounds so they don't turn of when others start.
4. The board only uses the +12v full bridge power lines. It does not use the 6 VAC general illumination power line.
5. All the sounds, voices, and backgrounds are customizable as they are WAV files on an MicroSD card.*
6. There are 8 sets of customizable sounds available.
7. There is a customizable Attract Mode sound for some games. (Elektra, Flash Gordon)
8. Three relays can control external lighting mods (Ball in Play, Bonus Mode 1, Bonus Mode 2)

* Durations for each of the sounds is stored in the program. You must also reprogram the ATMETA CPU on the board with the durations in order to change the lengths (mainly longer) of any of the voices. The sounds and backgrounds durations are not as important.

Included Sounds: You have the option to select one of eight different sound sets which are contained on the MicroSD card (WAV files). I will supply you with three sound sets on the MicroSD card. Sound bank 0 contains a stock set of sounds which I recommend leaving unmodified so that you can always go back to stock sounds. Sound bank 1 contains an identical set of sounds as sound bank 0. This one is intended for you to try your hand at modifying sounds. You can try a couple and not have to re-create the entire set. Sound bank 2 is another set of stock sounds but with different equalization which may sound better on your machine. Sound banks 4-6 are empty. Sound bank 7 has Number call outs for game number 15. You can use these for your game as well. I will include sound files in sub-directories for the other games as well.

Below is a photo of the version 4 board available for purchase. You can see the three relays off to the left for the optional 12 volt lighting mods. There is an adjustable 5v power supply with display. This should be kept at about 5 volts. There are the 3 volume knobs at the top of the board in blue for the background, sounds, and voices. The WAV file player is the big red board that contains a MicroSD card with all the sound files (including all the supported games). The mono amplifier is off the to the right with another (over-all) volume knob.

Ordering Details: Contact me to purchase: geeteoh@mchsi.com
Version 4: $200 Replacement S&T with Mr & Mrs Pac-Man sounds
Version 4: $200 Replacement S&T with Elektra sounds
Version 4: $200 Replacement S&T with Flash Gordon sounds
Version 4: $200 Replacement S&T with Eight Ball Deluxe sounds
Version 4: $200 Replacement S&T with Vector sounds
Version 4: $200 Replacement S&T with Embryon sounds
Version 4: $200 Replacement S&T with Xenon sounds (not a typical config)
plus $10 for shipping if in the US
or $20 for shipping to Canada
or $25 for shipping to Europe
or $30 for shipping to Australia

I have boards built and ready for orders. I am currently caught up on orders. I am accepting new orders now. If things get delayed a bit, I'll tell you how many in queue here.

Version 4 Board
Click on the image to see it in greater detail.

Installed in an Elektra Pinball Machine (older board)
Click on the image to see it in greater detail.

What's next?: There are 14 S&T machines in total (15 if you count the similar Xenon). My goal is to support all 15 games. Centaur is in final testing and I am hoping to have an awesome custom sound set available. I have Fathom about ready for final testing and I have a contact that is willing to test it. After that I already have ROMS for Spectrum and Medusa.

Development Videos: I am documenting my reproduction Squawk & Talk design journey in my YouTube channel:

Custom Sounds Help: I have also created a set of videos to help you create your own custom sound files for my replacement Squawk & Talk board. The first video shows you how to use Audacity to convert a sound file found on the internet to the appropriate sound file format. It also shows how to record your own voice for a sound file. The other videos are aids for recording your voice for all the phrases contained on the machine. You are to play the video while recording your voice. The video will tell you what to say and give you a chance to say each phrase. You record your whole session in one big sound file - then break it into the individual files needed for the board.

Custom Sounds for Download: This is a custom sound set for the Flash Gordon sent to me by a customer of my Replacement S&T board. You can see and hear this version in video #13 in my main set of S&T videos. You will get this sound set installed as bank 3 when you order one of my boards configured for Flash Gordon.

User's Manual: When you order a board, you'll get a full printed manual with schematics and a detailed list of all the sound files for each game as well as the file numbers needed for each of the sound banks. Below is a shorter on-line manual which contains most of the basic details.

Customer Feedback: The following links are some on-line feedback from others about my board.