Reviews - LED Pacmaze Printed Circuit Board

Reviews and comments for my direct replacement Mr & Mrs Pacman Pinball Pacmaze PCB using red and yellow LEDs.

Jody Dugan: Just finished installing the LED maze board by Geeteoh and wow what a difference and that 3D printed light divider is a HUGE bonus over the old method which I wasnít looking forward to, zero light bleed between the inserts. The red is so much easier to see now, pictures donít do it justice, it needs to be seen in person to appreciate. Great upgrade and seeing how much work went into the board design the price is an absolute bargain.

Youtuber - CaptNRetro: Created a very funny video about his installation of the LED Pacmaze. Note that this install was done with the older isolation tubes. All new boards are now being shipped with the one-piece 3D printed light divider.

TNT Amusements Inc: Todd Tuckey and Curt install my LED Pacmaze board in their Mr & Mrs Pacman pinball located in their showroom and gave it a thumbs up. It's featured in the first part of their #1254 YouTube video. Start watching from the beginning of the video. Some of Todd's comments include, "Just think, no more problems. Look how bright they are. That's quite a difference. Big improvement. Never buy those little wretched bulbs again." Todd Tuckey reviewed the board again in this YouTube video (at about 14:35 in).

Brian: My daughter and I had some free time this weekend, and I was afraid that someone was going to misplace the Pac Maze so we went ahead and installed the maze. I am impressed. The colors are brilliant and the change between moves is a crisp glow. I took about 3 minutes and used a Clorox wipe and cleaned out each of the 25 holes from the underside and there was some dust in there which added to the brilliance. I took your advice on allowing the glue to cure for about 20 mins. I ended up using Elmer's rubber glue which I learned cures much faster. Perhaps under 10 mins. I was able to apply a 2nd layer of glue, hold the circles on the holes in the maze for about 1 mins each. Looks GREAT! Thanks much!

Evaluation Volunteer 1: Evaluated version 0 of the board. He had the Alltek Main Lamp Driver board. His comments included: "Installation was perfectly simple, direct plug and play. The colors are nice and rich but not overly so, and the brightness wasn't blinding either. Even if you're not running LEDs throughout the whole game, I really recommend this. The bulbs on the board I took out were extremely fried, and inserts on the playfield were slightly browned. The heat saved here will be significant." He did not notice a lot of light bleed over from insert to insert without installation of the included isolation tubes.

Evaluation Volunteer 2: Evaluated version 1 of the board. He had the stock Bally Main Lamp Driver board and no LED adapters. His comments included: "The Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man maze is the central feature of the game, physically, strategically and design-wise so an upgrade to the maze pays big dividends. The first thing I noticed about the LED Pacmaze board is that it replaces one red and one yellow 7381 incandescent bulb with two red and two yellow LEDs. The reds, especially, are much brighter than the incandescent lamps. These bright colors bring new life to this old game. It was fun to get my hands on some new technology for an old game. If you are worried about installing the LED Pacmaze board, don't be. The old board is sitting right in the open and easy to get to. The hardest part of the installation was keeping those nylock nuts from falling into the machine! Be sure to watch geeteoh's video for installation instructions. I have the original lamp driver board in my Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man and the LED Pacmaze Rev 1.0 works like a charm! The LEDs are bright and steady without any flickering or flashing. If for some reason you want to sell your Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man pinball in the future, be sure to let the potential buyers know that it has a LED Pacmaze board in it. This board should increase the value of your machine. To be honest, I have never been that interested in this game. I've never been a video gamer and I never took the time to learn how to work the maze. The LED Pacmaze board has put new life back into my Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man. I finally want to learn how to maneuver my Pac-Man away from the evil Red Ghost. With three new Williams flippers installed, I find the Bally flippers to be 'clunky', this will get a lot more play. And, yes, I will hang on to the original flippers so they can be reinstalled to original condition if needed. Thanks geeteoh for letting me test out this board. It has been fun! I think you have a winner here!"