LED Pac-Maze Printed Circuit Board

This is a direct replacement Mr & Mrs Pacman Pinball Pac-Maze printed circuit board (aka Pac-Lite Matrix or Vid-Grid) using red and yellow LEDs. The original board used 25 yellow and 25 red mini incandescent 7381 light bulbs. My version Pac-Maze board uses 50 yellow and 50 red surface mount LEDs in the 5050 (5mm by 5mm) package. The new LED Pac-Maze board allows the playfield to be 20 degrees cooler*, the lights are brighter, and consistent in color and brightness across the maze. The LED Pacmaze board works with stock Bally main driver boards, Alltek main driver boards, and Siegecraft LED adapter boards.

Stock Pac-Maze(left)(right)New LED Pac-Maze

1) Lift playfield.
2) Remove connectors J1 and J2 on stock Pacmaze board.
3) Remove 4 lock nuts holding board & remove board.
4) Clean the back of the playfield between the holes and use a wet-wipe or Q-tip to clean the underside of the inserts.
5) Mark holes in the back of the playfield for light divider, drill 1/4" deep holes using a 3/32" drill bit, and mount the light divider.
6) Swap 4 rubber grommets from stock to new LED Pacmaze board.
7) Install new LED board with 4 lock nuts.
8) Install J1 and J2 connectors.
9) Lower playfield.

Note: The light divider is mounted to the back of the playfield, not the LED Pac-Maze board. It needs to be on the playfield in order to block the light from one insert from bleeding into the other. DO NOT mount the light divider to the LED Pac-Maze board. It will not work correctly. DO NOT drill holes in the LED Pac-Maze to mount the light divider. You will break traces.

Check out my YouTube video for further information and installation instructions.

The new LED Pacmaze board will expose any weak 2n5060 (smaller) SCRs on your main lamp board. The new LEDs will blink if you need to replace any of these SCR. These would be the yellow LEDs at Pacmaze locations below as seen from the top of the playfield. This occured with one of my SCRs in my machine. I have not heard of this issue occuring with other owners yet.

1 2 3 4 5 Q57 Q36 Q29 Q14 Q50
6 7 8 9 10 Q38 Q27 Q12 Q51 Q44
11 12 - - - Q28 Q13 - - -
- - - - - - - - - -
21 22 - - 25 Q60 Q37 - - Q59

Here is a shot of how the 3D printed light divider is installed on the underside of the playfield. One of the sides has a notch. Place this notch up so that it clears the bracket in the upper right.

You will receive version 3 of the board, a light divider to mount to the rear of the playfield, and all the needed hardware (rubber grommets, lock nuts, and screws).

Cost is $90 plus $10 shipping to US addresses. I will manually add additional cost for international shipping. Typically another $12 for Europe. A little more for Australia. A little less for Canada.

Besides the Red (character name Blinky) ghost lights, I have the other colored ghosts as well. I have special boards with the Pink (Pinky), Blue (Inky), or Orange (Clyde) colored LED ghosts - in place of the red LED ghost. Let me know if you want one of these when you order.

* I measured 106 degF on the playfield surface (glass removed) on the Pacmaze after running attract mode for about 60 minutues with the stock incandescent Pacmaze. I measured 86 degF with the new LED Pacmaze. The room temperature was 76 degF. Temperatures could be higher during play as the Pacmaze lights would be on longer than in attract mode.

Version History: (v0) Only a few produced. Only work with Alltek or Siegecraft boards. (v1+) Works with stock Bally driver board as well. Versions after v1 have tweaks which do not change the function of the board. All versions currently shipped are v1+.