WordClock Versions

Word Clock version can be determined by looking at the rear of the clock at the bottom of the printed circuit board. The software is identical for each clock version, but version 3+ uses all the features.

ver 0: Only 1 built. Started with the 4 buttons - set minutes, set hours, color mode, and brightness. This one used a different processor and had a bunch of hand wires. I have this one.
ver 1: 3 of these were built. This one incorporated the real time clock to the board but still had a lot of hand wires. Two were given out for evaluation.
ver 2: 5 of these were built. Good production version, but difficult to demonstrate without a button to replay the last large animation. Three were given out for evaluation.
ver 3: This version has the 7 buttons on the rear. Three were added. Two to replay the last hour animation and another to offer different animation modes. This is the first version I sold to others.